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“Purchasing a funeral plan 
let us get on with our lives”

Ease the burdens on your family at a difficult time by preplanning.

Total control over a funeral means knowing all details such as the selection of the funeral home, have all been carefully considered and planned according to your wishes. Nothing is left to chance, least of all the rising costs of funerals into the future. A prepaid funeral, with an associated funeral director offers a safe (capital guaranteed) investment, which is simple enough to understand.

Fix the price, no more to pay

With a prepaid funeral contract, the price of your funeral is fixed at today's prices. So there will be no more to pay and you are protected from the rising cost of funeral prices into the future.

 We are your funeral director

No need to worry about finding another funeral director, we are your Funeral Director. A legally binding contract is created between you and LGBTI Funerals. Copies of your requirements at an agreed price (the contract) are held by yourself, and LGBTI Funerals. Monies are invested into a Friendly Society Funeral Fund..

Funds are secure

Your investment for your funeral will be held independently of LGBTI Funerals and invested in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund of a Friendly Society. In the event that we cease to operate, your money will still be available to meet the cost of the funeral with an alternate Funeral Director of your choice.

Pay in lump sum or with a payment plan

You can choose to pay for your funeral arrangements as a single lump sum or in instalments up to and within a 3-year period.

Secure process for payment of the benefit

LGBTI Funerals will only be paid the proceeds of your investment when proof that the agreed funeral service has been provided.

Social security advantages

A prepaid funeral is not viewed as part of your personal assets. It is also exempt from the Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs Income and Assets Test. Therefore, the investment may improve your pension entitlements.

No restrictions

You are able to obtain a prepaid funeral plan regardless of your age or condition of health.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you have organised, planned and paid for your funeral, thereby alleviating this burden from family and friends.

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